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Reporting Solution

Share personalized Reports & knowledge Visuals

Ingenworks offer a comprehensive set of solutions for reportage and analysis. Reports and analysis are valuable only if these insights are shared with the people that can take action at the proper time. Role-specific reports, dashboards, highly visualized findings and insights, timely and automated business alerts on trends changes are delivered leverage organization big data capabilities efficiently though optimized reporting technologies. Cost effective, flexible, easily accessible, intuitive and highly visual business reports on aligned KPIs and metrics creating organizational ‘true north’ will be designed, created and delivered. This process starts with defining requirements through client/partner interviews, understanding existing data situation, identifying required data elements, creating roadmap to bring these possibly disparate data elements together in a sustainable manner, designing reports, user acceptance testing, and delivering reports per agreed schedule.

Real-Time performance tracking

Our reporting systems are very versatile and real time, producing period insights despite data complexities, variety including both structured and unstructured data, eliminating knowledge silos integrating knowledge from different business systems and process. This provides further context and understanding of your business performance increasing confidence in decision and business operations. Reports are made accessible in a variety of mobile and internet platforms.

Instantaneous Ingenious Analytics

Our reporting solution also includes data synthesis, hypothesis and insight generation bots that are fully automated designed to generate greater thinking and organizational dialog. Don’t be surprised if these generate more questions to investigate, somewhat controversial hypothesis to validate through test and learn models.