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Real Time Superfast &
Accurate Data Cleansing and Data Matching.

We provide Standardize data by removing all
duplications with more accuracy.

What is IngenSpark?

IngenSpark is a collection of intelligent bots constantly processing, transforming, analyzing huge volumes of structured / unstructured data increasing decision speed and effectiveness by automating several marketing and sales analytics processes like dashboarding, customer segmentations, trend break analytics, impact measurement, performance driver analysis, investment optimizations etc. It is a custom software for commercial organizations to influence and inform strategy and execution propelled by ingenious ‘real’ time 3600 exchanges between strategy, execution and performance enabling hyper optimizations. Machine learning bots will constantly analyze and learn from ongoing data updates as well as newer data sources that may be added.

Core design features of IngenSpark

Ingenious Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning driven solutions to all marketing organizations


Continuously deployed intelligent analytics bots

Existing insights validated, and new insights generated effortlessly feeding strategies


Real world - Real time analytics driven microand macro optimization solutions for better marketing investment returns


Optmized Customer Centric experience delivering improved customer acquisition and retention

IngenData Module

IngenData provides data management team with APIs for B2B data transfers and elegant interface to upload ad hoc data by all users into cloud or Data Lake. Intelligent learning anomaly detectors detects any abnormalities and rectifies or escalate to governance teams. Customer match algorithms, address standardization functions etc.


Collaboration, knowledge sharing and crowd sourcing platform where users can initiate project, find previous work done by any user relevant to the project without even making an effort or thinking about it, and crowd source answers to your questions from other experts in the company. Automated crawlers search both enterprise data repository and external web on project subject to offer synthesize information to project team right in the platform. IngenConnect inspires knowledge sharing culture in four different ways:


Intelligent bots runs customer scoring, segmenting, prediction algorithms automatically as soon as the data is updated to create and update customer segmentations including attitudinal, behavioral and targeting segments. Integrated views of customer based on demographic, firmographic, segmentation, geo-spatial, sales and execution data as well as automated performance triggers based on predicted customer level performance will be done by these intelligent analytic engines.


Intelligent bots continuously and automatically runs advanced attribution and measurement models, optimizes marketing decision recommendations based on real time actionable learnings from machine learning models. These marketing optimization bots uses machine learning methods to analyze campaign’s many parameters and generating true financial uplift measurements across various customer segments, regions, products etc. to make recommendations, offer insights for decisions.


IngenMeasures will automatically and periodically evaluate data against business objective/goals to identify lead and lag measures. This will be a learning module where model based output will be presented to business analyst/lead to constantly learn what are actionable vs. just performance metrics. This learned module identified measures set will be validated against existing KPIs (Key Performance Metrics) to provide additional recommendations. If no action is taken on the recommendations or IngenMeasures sees a very strong correlation vs. business overwrite, this misaligned measure will still be compared in IngenTracker for further validation and pressure testing organizational alignment.

Ingen Tracker

A comprehensive set of trackers and reporting on continuously validated KPIs that are role-specific will be delivered via automated dashboards, highly visualized learnings, timely and automated business alerts on trend changes will be delivered leveraging big data capabilities and intelligent bots efficiently though optimized reporting technologies. In addition to automated performance reports based on outputs from IngenCustomer, IngenOptim and IngenMeasures – business will have the ability to customer design additional trackers which will be updated automatically.

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